Yoni Oil

Yoni Oil

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Scent Calendula

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🌿Shea Butter
🌿Coconut Oil
🌿Sweet Almond
🌿Jojoba Oil
🌿Castor Oil
🌿Dried Plants


Organic oil infused with earthly herbs, plants and flowers that are healing to the skin. Scents are very delicate and not over barring because no fragrances are used only rich essentials. All natural, organic and vegan products are mixed to support PH balance in a women, target unwanted yeast & moisturizes dry, flaking, or irritated areas. Due to shaving or waxing. Excellent lubricant after taking a shower or bath. Massage in desired areas for 30seconds or until absorbed. Please make sure that hands and applied area is clean and dry before applying. Use for external use ONLY.....