Sunflower Oatmeal
Sunflower Oatmeal
Sunflower Oatmeal

Sunflower Oatmeal

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🌿Organic Coconut Oil
🌿Virgin Olive Oil
🌿Neem Oil
🌿Sunflower Oil
🌿Castor Oil
🌿Borage Oil
🌿Apricot Oil
🌿Almond Oil
🌿Jojoba Oil
🌿Shea Butter
🌿Cocoa Butter
🌿Vitamin E Oil
🌿Raw Oatmeal Grains


🤩Eczema Relief is Amazing🤩
We have revised our oatmeal bar so you can rest better.
But first let’s give you the 10 steps to take to help you manage flare ups.
📌Stay Stress Free (mediate, read, nap)
📌Take warm showers or baths not steamy hot ones
📌Dab dry skin not rub dry with towel
📌Apply an infused body oil or butter for moisture
📌Get plenty of rest 6-8 daily
📌Sleep naked or with less clothing as possible (allow skin to breathe)
📌Drink plenty of water
📌Wear cloth fabrics
📌Eat green leafy veggies
📌Take 1-2 probiotics daily
Whats inside:
9Rich oils, 2butters, no essentials added for scent, vitamin E & raw oatmeal grains.
This organic soapbar is full of antioxidants properties that help and undo damage from pollution, UV rays, chemicals, environmental triggers & gene lines. The Ingredients inside reduce itching N inflammation. Calm those irritated zones down from eczema, psoriasis and rosacea. Your skin needs the attention it deserves.