Lip Balm

Lip Balm

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Scent Banana Coconut Cremè
Size Travel 1oz

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🌿Organic Coconut Oil
🌿Apricot Oil
🌿Grapeseed Oil
🌿Jojoba Oil
🌿Tea Tree
🌿Almond Oil
🌿Castor Oil
🌿Virgin Olive Oil
🌿Essential Oils


Keep your lips up to par is essential. Why? One of the first organs a person sees. Add, seal, and protect moisture to decrease external exposure. To damaging elements such as dry air, cold or hot temperatures, or sharp winds. Prevent moisture loss and maintain healthy, mind catching lips. Our organic balm is filled with anti-inflammatory oils that soothe the skin in the most wonderful ways. This healing balm comes loaded with rich essential oils that are effective for special treatments, cleansing, moisturizing, skin conditions.